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67 years of musical experience combined. A youthful energy that can't be matched. Down home roots with expertly trained musicians.

The story of Tyler Richton and the High Bank Boys isn’t easy to put on to paper. The name "High Bank Boys" comes from the body of water flowing through the bands home territory in Deep River, Iowa. The Deep River passes through the town of the same name, but the shallow stream wasn't named for its actual depth, but rather the "High Banks" that contain the river in the town and surrounding area. Known for having their practices in and around the community, the “High Bank Boys” became the perfect name for the sensational group of men that was founded there.

While shows performed by Tyler Richton and the High Bank Boys are youthful and lively, the four members of the High Bank Boys have more than 50 years of experience playing live music combined. With this kind of dedication and devotion to country music, it's no wonder that the High Bank Boys have become the premier country band in the area. Known for being an excellent dance band as well as making the crowd feel like "one of the guys" when there's no dance floor available, the High Bank Boys are at home playing in almost any kind of venue or event.

The musical travels of the various members of Tyler Richton and the High Bank Boys have been extensive, both before and through the formation of the current band. Music has taken them from local clubs, to fireman's dances and anniversary parties, and from the largest events and festivals to street dances in the smallest of towns throughout the entire state of Iowa. Tyler Richton and the High Bank Boys have been honored to be the opening act for Locash, John Michael Montgomery, High Valley, Sunny Sweeney, Jordan Davis and Brett Young, among others. Each performance has been a great professional achievement for them, and they anxiously look forward to the next opportunity!

Their most rewarding experiences, however, are the looks of satisfaction on the faces of their fans during and after another great show. It’s easy to see from their following, that this group of guys and the music they play is genuinely appreciated. Tyler Richton and the High Bank Boys’ repertoire includes iconic country cover tunes, as well as original music that is written and arranged by the band. All this and more makes the High Bank Boys a danceable, partying, crowd-pleasing, energetic band that is entertaining for folks of all ages.
While our group makes the music, it's the individuals in the band that make Tyler Richton and the High Bank Boys so unique.


Tyler Richton

The front man for the band, Tyler graduated from Iowa State University with an Ag Business degree in 2019. Richton plays rhythm and lead guitar,
doing the singing for the band. He has been playing country music for many years, and his experience shines through.
His smooth, melodic voice cries out the story of each song that he sings, and his powerful voice is a favorite on many of the
"oldie but goodie" country songs that Tyler Richton and The High Bank Boys play. He's also an undeniable presence on some of today's favorite
country chart toppers. Tyler credits his grandmother for teaching him the foundations of music, and for keeping him singing in
front of folks when he was young. Her efforts have paid big dividends – he’s been writing and singing songs ever since, and wrote
15 of the 16 songs on the first studio album. Tyler is a huge reason The High Bank Boys have such a unique sound. Not only does
he sing exceptionally well, but is also a talented rhythm guitarist. It takes a special type of individual to be a rhythm guitar player,
requiring a delicate blend of selflessness, an understanding of the importance of the instrument, and the knowledge of how to
add just the right amount to the overall sound. Tyler has mastered this art and is distinctly an important piece of the puzzle.


Edmond Henning

Ed is the fiddler, mandolinist, and keyboardist for the band, as well as providing backup vocals. He hails from Hartwick, Iowa where he
grew up on an Iowa family farm. Not only is he an exceptional musician, he also attended Central College in Pella where he played 
football and majored in Business Management with Communication and German Minors. Whether it's a slow country power ballad
or a high energy, foot-stompin' favorite, Ed's musical talent leaps to the forefront and cries pure emotion when he tears into one of his
smokin’ fiddle solos. Ed, like the others, has a great love for country music. He’s been playing music for 16 years, with a whole range of
musical experiences under his belt. He plays a total of nine instruments and has played in distinguished venues with groups around
the world, including Carnegie Hall, MFA Orchestra in Indianapolis, China and the Baltic States. His background in other genres of music,
like bluegrass, classical, and rock’n’roll, help give the band a certain flare to the country sounds they produce. Whether he’s cookin’ on
a good ol' rock’n’roll favorite or pouring his heart into the most iconic country love song, it's hard to find a person in the audience who
isn't dancin', clappin' or tappin' their foot to the sensation that's happening on-stage. Whatever he’s playing, you're guaranteed to be
energized by Ed’s music for the rest of the night.



Kale Latcham

Playing bass guitar for the band, Kale is from Lake Ponderosa, Iowa and is an original member of the High Bank Boys. He graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Criminal Justice. Whether he is laying down a driving bass line or shaping a rhythm
for the band to build on, Kale is always keeping the infrastructure of the band strong and steady. Like the others, Kale, too, is talented
on multiple instruments. Not only does he play bass guitar, but is an accomplished trumpet player. Kale has been awarded at
jazz festivals and has also had the honor of playing TAPS for multiple memorial dedications, veterans day and memorial day
celebrations, plus everything in between when it comes to paying tribute to our nation’s heroes, both fallen and living. Along with
bass and trumpet, Kale also enjoys playing guitar and harmonica in his free time. Kale also sings harmony vocals. Combining
Kale and Ed’s harmony with Tyler’s vocal ability to stop traffic creates an unmistakable sound which is a staple for the High Bank Boys.
What Kale enjoys most about playing with the High Bank Boys is the capacity to create electrifying sounds that only the five members
together can make. He and Cole are the glue that keeps the foundation solid on each and every note of all the songs the band plays.


Cole Neese

The rhythms of Cole Neese are worth the price of any admission. He hails from Davenport, Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Ag Business. This accomplished professional lays down a solid, powerful beat on the drums that not only keeps time for
the band, but also makes the drums a pleasure to listen to. Cole’s been pounding out the beat for more than 13 years on this
most important instrument, and as the ladies will attest, his rhythms are not only incredibly easy to move to, but are a powerful
expression of the emotion contained within each song. Cole’s musical background and influences are quite varied, and include
the rock, jazz, and country genres. He has been actively engaged as an accomplished drummer in each of these musical categories
and one thing is for sure: Tyler Richton and the High Bank Boys have the most solid, danceable beat around with
Cole behind the drums.


Well, there you have it: that's Tyler Richton and the High Bank Boys, at least the part that you can put on paper. The rest of the story is one that you have to get in person. To see the full picture, you have to come, see and hear it for yourself. You'll discover the High Bank Boys are dedicated to keeping traditional country music alive and, that from the newest hard drivin’ country hits to the oldest golden classics, the High Bank Boys are “Shakin’ Hips and Movin’ Lips” and are truly "Country Music for Any Occasion."

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